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723 South Church Lane
Tappahannock, Virginia 22560
Established: 1981

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The next upcoming class dates are...
Classroom Driver Improvement Programs

       May           29,   2021               (Saturday)                8:30 a.m. -  5:30 p.m.

        Location: Tappahannock (beside Parr's Drive In and Parker Gas Station)
                             723 South Church Lane
                             Tappahannock, Virginia 22560

If you have received a ticket, feel free to give us a call at (804) 493-8395 or email us to discuss your individual situation.
Call us anytime you have a question.

If you have any questions and email is more convenient for you, you can email us at

Our Driver Improvement classes are held at our downtown Tappahannock location between Parr's Drive-In and Parker gas station at the traffic light. Our convenient location is on the main highway going through Tappahannock. You will not turn off of Route 360 or Route 17 until you pull into our parking lot.

The course fee is just $75 cash (no checks or credit cards)

Dress comfortably.

We are approved for both Regular Drivers and Commercial Drivers for Driver Improvement.

The number of CDL Driver Improvement Instructors across the state is extremely limited. However, both of our instructor is approved to provide CDL Driver Improvement instruction.

Should you need more information about this course, please call (804) 493-8395.

DMV Required Re-Test Class  (For failing the DMV Test 3 x's)

For customers age 18 and older, DMV only requires an 8-hour DMV Driver Manual Course, which we are approved to teach. You do not have to pre-register or pre-pay for class, Just be at class by 6:00 p.m. and you'll be fine.

 If you are under age 18, and have already passed Classroom Driver Education and have a DEC-1 card ("green card") from your school, DMV also allows you to take the 8-hour Driver Manual Course. If you are under age 19, bring your DEC-1 card the first night of class.

Our next DMV Driver Manual Course (for having failed the DMV test 3 x's) will be:


MAY 25th & 27th    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm both nights
            Call (804) 493-8395 for the latest information.

The fee for this course is $225 cash, payable on the first night of class.

        Location: Tappahannock (beside Parr's Drive In and Parker Gas Station)
                             723 South Church Lane
                             Tappahannock, Virginia 22560

If you need any further information, please call our office at (804) 493-8395 for more details. If we are out of the office, please leave a message, or email the office at:

For customers under age 19, who have never passed High School Classroom Driver Education, DMV requires a 36-hour DMV Required Re-Test Class. Due to low demand, this course it not offered as often.
Call for information. 
The fee for this course is $250. We ask you to pay $125 the first night and the remainder as class progresses. We are currently working on a schedule for this class.
Please call our office at (804) 493-8395 for more details.

All classes are taught at our Tappahannock location (Beside Parr's Drive-In and Parker Gas Station). You do not have to pre-register or speak with anyone ahead of time. If you are there by 6:00 p.m., you will be fine.

Please call (804) 493-8395 for more details. You can call right on up until midnight 7 days/week. We don't mind late calls. You can also visit our other website:

We have had extraordinary success with customers passing the DMV written test after completing our courses.

Classroom Driver Education

Course: $250 (Half the first night of class, and half as we go along)

Please call (804) 493-8395 or visit for more details.
If we are unable to take your call, please leave your name and telephone number in the voice mailbox.

We would like for a parent to be present during the first 30 minutes to sign forms and hear an overview of the program.

        Location: Tappahannock (beside Parr's Drive In and Parker Gas Station)
                             723 South Church Lane
                             Tappahannock, Virginia 22560

Behind-The-Wheel Driver Education

Please call (804) 493-8395 or email us at to get on our list and reserve your space. For more information about our in-car program, you can also visit .

Course Cost: $395 (same price for the last 15 years)

Online Driver Improvement Programs

We are currently not offering online Driver Improvement Programs.

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